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    Angry oochos nachos, sus injection in delt!

    Word is that sus has short acting test in aswell so yesterday when i mixed my sus & deca shots up to shoot I done a site injection in my left side delt & in my right side delt.... This will work won't it???

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    no !theres only 30 mg of prop in it and ud have to hit like ed ,or the prop looses it half life.the only thing i think for spot injections are winny .

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    Winny/Prop/Suspension/Tren are the AAS most people use site injecting for. Why? No idea. I do long acting esters and I swear it works. If I do delts it seems to lube shoulders, no shit..once again, no idea why, but it does.

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    even though oil based steroids are not spot active , i am i firm believer in spot injections, because their will be less build up of scar tissue, your receptors will stay fresher, longer, and you just have to love how your tris and bis look after you put two cc's into each, i wish they stayed like that forever

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    I do approx 80% of my injects in the delts. Up to 3.25cc's. I agree with papapump, it seems to help my shoulders and elbows.

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