This is a two part question. First I am curiuos how muscle memory plays a part once you have come off as. Reason I ask is this. The last two cycles I have done, I lost a little weight and strength once everything was out of my system. My weight would stablize but within a few weeks my weight starts to go back up and strength gains would start back a little. I finished dbol and t-400 in early June. By early July I had lost about 5 lbs. However, I have now gained back 2 of them. The question is does your muslces "remember" the size that they once were? Does this account for the weight gain coming back easier? Does muscle memory allow you to gain that size back easier because it remembers being that size?

Part II

When coming off as how do you adjust your training? Usually I train very heavy when on as. 6-8 reps. However, knowing that I will not be able to keep the poundages up once I come off I change to 10-12 reps so I don't notice the strength loss as much. As well as give my body the rest from the heavy lifting. I trained 10-12 reps for the last 4 weeks. I am now heading back to the heaver weights and my weights are on the rise. What successes have you had with your training routen coming off as?