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    Talking question for yall.

    whats up guys. One of my buddies was ravin about how good Clenbuterol was and he said he has dropped a lot of fat and put on some good muscle. Which he has. I was thinking of trying it. Im 20 years old, i weigh 232 lbs and i'm around 12-13% bf. I would love to get down to like 8% bf. My real question is that is it really possible for that to happen??? Also i was wonder to if i should wait. Since summer is almost over and winter will be tapping on my door within the next four months(Canadian) if i should hold off till next spring and bulk up a bit more so i can be 8% bf at 220... anyways please share your opinions. thanks.

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    clen isn't anabolic so i'm not sure how he put on some good muscle

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    Rob, Clen is reported to have Anabolic affects while still not being a true AS. I personally have used Clen, but I find that it works better for me the more I cycle it. If cycle Clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, or I prefer 2 days on 2 days off, and then with an ECA stack, watch your diet, eat clean, yes, anything is possible. Clen is a really good fat burner, along with ECA and T 3 (which is another product that I won't talk about here). If you want to keep muscle and loose the fat, Clen is the way to go. But also keep in mind your diet is equally important as well.

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