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    Winny Tab Question

    I am going to be gettin my hands on 50 50 mg tabs of winny, dont know the kind yet, but i know theyre legit...i was planning on spliting them in half and taking it every 8-12 hours, so like 2x a day 25mg each to keep it more stable... i only took winny @ 50mg 3x a week before (injectable) and saw decent results with just that. i this enough? because i could possibly get another 50 tabs. i will be stackin this with fina and eq towards the end of my cycle (test/dbol /eq/tren /winny) thanx in advance


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    50 mg/day is what i'm gonna do on my cycle
    yes 2x a day 25mg

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    yep hes right 50 mg aday split up into two mor. and night.also this will be your second ?are the ruds listed below there what your stacking with?

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    I just stopped my winny tabs about a week ago. I was taking a half tab in the morning and a half tab 8-12 hours later. I guess they kinda helped me in the strength category, but as far as getting me hard-they didn't do shit. Some guys were telling me before I started mine to take 50mg in the morning and 50mg in the afternoon, but i didn't listen to them because I figured that 50mg a day would be enough. Because the joint pain was as bad as it can get, I wish that i would have took 100mg a day and gotten better results. IMO 50mg a day with **tabs is not enough.
    Note: only take this advice if they are **winny tabs. Good luck!!!

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    read that chewing the 50mg tabs will help out, i am putting them in my next cycle and will chew half in morning, half in evenng

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