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    eq for first time at 600mg-

    i have 3 cycles under my belt but have never used eq.
    for my first eq cycle i want to use 600mg test en & 600mg eq.

    is the eq to high for the first time?

    also, to make sure, would gyno be a prob at all at high dosages?

    thanks BRO'S,

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    bro it depends on what your previous cycle were like. You want to make sure that you total mgs(everything you've taken) is atleast as high as your previous cycle. As for the gyno it probably won't be a problem but ALWAYS make sure you have novladex on hand. if you want a better answer post your previous cycles.


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    I think you should be good to go with 600mg of EQ, or you can do 400mg this cycle and always bump it to 600mg your next cycle. As for as gyno, I believe you'll be fine, but always have nolvadex or armidex on hand just in case.

    Big Red 600mg a week is nothing now because they make a 200mg EQ. QV and TT are too popular choices.

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    theres no freakin way im stickin myself 12 times a week, that coupled with the rest of the stack would be a nightmare of huge proportions. i would use tt eq(200mg/ml) or a similarly dosed product, and cut the injects to three, basically eod.

    a side note- the general consensus with running eq is lower dosages for longer periods of time. like 400mg for 12-15 weeks. that being said, i ran eq in my last cycle @ 600mg a week for 10 weeks, and i wish i would have run it at least 15..........

    peace bb79
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    Looks like a good cycle. Use Armidex to prevent the gyno.

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