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    Question EQ/Winny for mass?

    Whats up guys? . I am going to start geting some gear together for my second cycle. I am looking to bulk up a little, but I'm also interested in getting that hard/lean look.
    I have definatly decided on doing EQ, and I think that stacking it with winny would be a pretty good stack. Maybee something like this:

    EQ 300mg/week -Weeks 1-12
    Winstrol (Depot) 50mg/EOD - Weeks 1-10

    I know most people would consider this a "cutting" stack, which I would agree with to some extent. But I also think one's diet, among other things, no matter what gear your on, is going to dictate your gains-wheather you bulk up or cut up.

    So, I guess my question is- If I keep my calories up, along with protein, etc..Do you think this stack would produce some quality gains?

    Im not asking for numbers, like " how many pounds will I put on..etc"-Because its imposible for anyone to know that. Just looking to hear from anyone who has stacked EQ and Winny, and what they thought about it.

    Thanks guys! Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well Bro I doubt you will bulk much with that cycle, and you will get the hard lean look with the choice you have made. Not to flame you , but I think you need to do a little research to help you achieve your goals. Why not throw in some test with that cycle? Also 10 weeks on winny is too long. How about you give me some info. about yourself, and I'll help you out. Your age, stats,first cycle, goals on this cycle?

    Peace, Budman

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    Thanks for the response budman. Yea , I was also going to ask if 10 weeks on winny was to long. Anyway, more about me:

    Height 5'11
    Weight: 215
    Body Fat: approx 15%

    First cycle I ran Deca @ 400mg/week for 10 weeks. ( It was before I really researched it, now I know better than to run Deca alone)
    I actually got some pretty good gains on it, though, gained about 10 lbs. No sides, no problems at all.

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    what u said about the diet is right on .yes u will putton some quality mass on ,nothing crazy but u will definately see gains .i would throw test in there as well but its up to you.i think 10 weeks on the winn is not the best idea .its been done before but i wouldnt recomend it .id run it like this
    1-10 400 eq
    7-13 winn 50 ed .
    but if u do decise to throw test in there go with ,some enenthate at 400 mg 1-10 .and bud man it may not be the best choice of drugs to bulk but it can be done look up key mastur s pics once an u tell me that was on winn only !

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