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    TEST ENAT& EQ-what about water retention?

    i want the great things i hear about eq but would the test that needs to be run for better results cause the vascularity to be minimun?

    qv test-600mg wks1-8
    qv eq-600mg wks 1-10

    how about wks 1-13 eq-600mg week 14 200mg.
    that will be the completion of 4 vails at a fairly good tempo.

    what do guys think about the results?

    good vascularity? viens etc;

    does eq cause high blood pressure at high dosages. this is first time with eq.

    there has to be some sides.(which is acceptable)

    thanks again BROTHERS.

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    As long as you are using an anti-e water bloat will be minimized from the test. EQ has very few sides but all AAS potentially can raise your BP. I have always enjoyed great results and vascularity with EQ as long as I am on it at least 12 weeks.

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