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Thread: Sus250 ???'s

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    Sus250 ???'s

    Would taking Sustanon 250 alone be an ok cycle for a first time user?
    I would take 750mg for week 1 and 500mg/week for the rest of the 10 week cycle. I know this isn't a good cycle but its all I can get. The local source only gets sus.

    I am 6"1' and weight 283. B/F is about 20% Age 21

    If I could get more gear I would but this is it. What are your thoughts??

    Also, thanks to all the fellas on this board that puts out tons of helpful info. This place is great!

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    If thats all you can and you don't want to wait for more, go for it. BUt do try and get yourself some clomid for post cycle and anti estrogens on hand. Good luck

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    Nothing wrong with a test only cycle but you do need clomid and some anti-e's on hand like SKIP said.

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