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    Girl needs help with Cycle

    5'2", 117lb fine latina wants to put on 5-10lbs of muscle. She will be taking 4IU's of GH stacked with Anavar . Obviously she would like to avoid any viralizing effects.

    How much Anavar would be good to stack with the GH and for how long?

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    haha....can't really help you, but had to laugh that you wrote "fine latina"

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    Bro with proper diet and excerise she can put on 5-10 pounds of muscle easily without the use of HGH or AAS. Tell this "fine latina" she can sign up to the female fourms and get some good tips on how to put on some good muscle. Too much gh and anavar she might turn into being a "fine latino"

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    I don't know about the GH, but girls I know have started var at Very low doses, as low as 2.5mg ed and worked up to maybe 10mg ed. I'd be real careful and get some much better advice before getting this girl on anything.

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    if using var have her start at 5mg per day usually 1/2 pill after a week or so watch effects and jump it to 10mg per day usually 1 pill. keep there for awhile watching for effects and sides--if no sides(increased hair growth,clit sensitive--which is good,clit getting large---which if too much bad,and voice change)then can up if any of those bad sides start drop mgs till sides stop. add creatine as it works good with var
    for gh the usual doseage for a male is minimum 2-4ius per day--unsure for female

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