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    Getting Ripped for Summer STACK

    This plan you will Shred you. No matter what. Fast quick and in a hurry. I was in a bulk cycle and made my abs practally invinsible. Now I look like Ahmad Haidar. lol. I wish. When u look down and u see another planet below you, Try this for 2 weeks. And I know you will have the same success as I did.
    7:00 am 50mg shot of Tren qd, Ripped Fuel EX, T2

    7:30 am CLA, Omegga Fish oil , optional :L-carnite injection or Kynoselen.

    8:00 8 sets of 8 reps w/ 20 seconds resting between sets work out for 4 excersises on your excercise split for 45 minutes. (Vince Gironda technique)
    Then 30 mins. of Hard Cardio w/ speed of 8-10 then when tired go down back to 4 then boost back to 8-10

    9:00 Muscle Milk w/ Fruits Apples, Banna. My only source of sugar

    10:00 CLA , Omegga Fish oil , Peanuts

    11:00 Muscle Milk with Fiber supplement (6grams)

    12:00 Ripped Fuel

    12:30 Either Fat Free Chicken or Lean Beef or 80g Sardines

    2:00 Muscle Milk with Fiber Supplement (3grams), Vitamin w/ minerals.

    4:00 Ripped fuel

    4:30 Either Fat Free Chicken or Lean Beef or 80g Sardines

    6:30 Muscle Milk with Fiber Supplement

    8pm Cla, Omegga Fats, two cans of small tuna, or sardines

    9pm Ala and Muscle Milk. Vitamins then go bang girlfriend (last cardio) then sleep.

    >This diet consist of allot of expensive Muscle Milk. I found that this shake really gets u full because of the fast and slow protein mix and taste the best! If too expensive I would get vitamin worlds Whey protein shake (18bucks a pop!) and mix half w/ the muscle milk. Never get tired of it. Mixing it w/ Fiber supplement will make your belly bloat and give u a real full feeling. Plus youll be eating allot. You will also need fiber to keep cholesterol down and also to keep you shitting and helps to digest the protein. Also high protein diets can make a plug in the hole.
    > Shooting L-carnite or Kynoselen will help oxidize and use fat as fuel. Making the workout more aerobic of an aerobic effect.
    > Using CLA and Omegga fats will keep u full and keep mass. Fat and cal and carbs are cut drasticlly. With high protein diet and unsatturated fat as the main fat source.
    >Main concern here is too keep as much mass as you can and get ripped to shreds. Tren is highly anticatabolic and taking it 1 hour before a grueling workout really helps.
    >Adding allot of meals 7 total w/ cla and Omegga fats will keep the heat up. It takes energy to digest
    >Drink and Drink Allot of Water!
    >When abs are shown But still when air is let out your gut pokes out it is because of the high fiber. It will bloat u and give you a pot belly. Just the next day cut the fiber and the water will go with it. pretty quickly.
    Try this for a 2 Week . Train every other day. Eat peanuts in the morning w/ banans and other fruits to keep u full. Results will come!

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    i wanna see,pics .

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    would also like to see some pics as well as sample exercise routines

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    That sounds bad as*! I would also like to see some pics cuz I think I may just do that this week witha few tweeks

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    Outside your bedroom wind
    Where do you get fat free chicken?

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    Its kinda hard. You have to raise them yourself and then put them on Winny 5 weeks before you killem. Chasem around for 20mins 2x/day.
    I luv it!

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