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Thread: hcg question

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    hcg question

    im currently runnin 300 mg a week of EQ
    with 50 mg eod of winny
    im in week 10 this cycle will go for another 2 weeks

    is it nessecary to use hcg i will use clomid but from my research since i am not doing test my natural test levels wont drop too much from the eq. is this correct??

    any help would be appreciated thank you.

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    use clomid, hcg is only a temporary relief from having no lh, it actualy mimicks lh and then when its gone there you are again without any lh, all in all is simply delays recovery of the hpta, i have posted plenty of times on this. use clomid and you should be set...also eq and winny shouldn't shut you down very hard...i think 4-6 weeks clomid should be perfect...good luck

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    HCG is not necessary with that cycle.

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