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    in cycle, can i still use dbol???

    im currently at the end of my 2 weeks of my 12 weeks cycle consisting of :
    Sust 250 @ 500mg per week @ 1-7 weeks
    Primo Depot @ 200mg per week @ 3-7 weeks
    Fina @ 75mg EOD @ 7-12 weeks

    I just got a hold of some dbol .....
    is it ok to start it in my 3rd week while taking sust or should i just leave it out??

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    I wouldn't do it save it for your next cycle.

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    youve got about 2 weeks left before your sust kicks in, and you would be overlapping the sustanon by 2 weeks also.
    imho, i dont think it would hurt, but its your call. you will really only get 2 real decent weeks out of the dbol , as when the sust kicks in you might not see too much from the d in the last 2 weeks you are using it. still, i think it would be worthwhile if youre an impatient sort who wants results asap, and cant wait for the sustanon to kick in.

    peace bb79

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    I'm with barbells. It is a 50/50 toss up. Won't hurt anything but would have been better used at the very beginning of the cycle. I would like to see you extend the sus at least a couple of more weeks though.

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    Save it bro.......

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