Ok, so I'm trying to cut up now, and I eat a ton of the eas carb control nutrition bars. only like 2 carbs they say , but the calories didnt add up. Then I realized that there are like 20 other carbs in there that they don't tell you about because those don't act like normal carbs, and they say the body doesnt store them as fat.

What I'm wondering though is do those calories inhibit your body from burning fat even they they dont specifically add fat???

The reason I'm asking is because I just read an article about alcohol like vodka. it has 60 calories per ounce, but no carbs, fat, or protein. The gist of the article is that those calories don't get stored as fat, but... after drinking one drink those calories convert to Acetate in your bloodstream and your body uses that as a source for energy and your bodies fat burning drops by 73%!!!

So I'm wondering ... do these low carb bars actually do the same type of thing??

by the way here is that article.