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    10 weeks test enanthate

    startin the cycle this week, gonna go like this:

    weeks 1-2: 750mg a week
    weeks 3-8: 500 mg a week
    weeks 9-10: 250 mg a week

    will be using arimidex during cycle and clomid after.

    Any thoughts on frontloading/tapering?

    Any thoughts on results i might see? Starting off at 6'1", 180lbs, with good nutrition/training?

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    That is quite a bit, but it looks okay. Is this your FIRST cycle?

    If so, personally I don't think you need so much, i'm doing the same cycle, but i'm frontloading at 300mg every 4 days for the first 4 injections, then from then on, 200mg every 4 days. That's 350mg a week basically. For a first cycle, you could gain about 20lbs just taking this little.

    Also, i don't see any reason to drop down to 250mg in weeks 9-10. You should just keep it at 500mg.

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    Awesome info bro. a imple 2cc of t200 a week for 10 weeks can yield big time gains for a first cycle, save all that fancy frontloading tapering stuff for when u need it.

    go get em bro

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    Terinox is on the money bro... No reason to taper a long acting ester.... just keep it at 500mg... Front load looks good for the first 2 weeks....

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    try 500mg a week and see how that works for you

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    dont taper! use at 500mg all the way through

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