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    Teraxatone question

    Is it OK to take Teraxatone (water reducer pills) while on a pretty heavy test cycle? Taking Arimidex while on cycle but just making sure its alright or is there no point.

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    Yeah, I would also like to hear an answer to this question, as I am about to start some test. Hey pumped, what part of Detroit are you from? Give me a PM!!

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    maybe take it a lil bit afterwards because while on taraxatone will not make that much of a difference... even the EAS version called NWB will not make that big of a difference. They just aren't strong enough... enjoy the added strength of the bloat and then wait til aftrwards to try it.

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    Taraxatone isn't expensive so give it a try. Then tell us how it went so we can know what to expect. Sorry, I know thats not the answer you wanted.

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