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    diet, cardio, juice, what do I need to do?!

    Okay guys, I've been all over the place the past few months...going back and forth between bulking and cutting. Well, the past 5 weeks I've been cutting, and I'm down to like 243 or so from 275(16.8%) like 13.37%. Still feel like a fatass. I'm guessing that I need to be around 8-10% to feel solid (hoping i'll weigh around 230 at that %). So how do I do it. I've never had any problem bulking, but it's a gray area for me when it comes to cutting. Treat me like a beginner and let me have it. Details are welcome. What combo of juice, cardio, diet, etc...

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    Well a pound of fat is equivalent to 1800 cal so either up your activity to burn the excess or fine tune your diet. I would say gradually start dropping your calories from fat and carb sources, up your protein intake at least keep it the same, and throw in some cardio 4 times a week first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Give some clen a try, it will help.

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    This is what I do,
    mornig 5 egg whites 1 cup oatmeal
    .5lbs of steak
    after noon 2 chicken breasts 1cup apple sauce a hand full of brokley
    snack protien shake
    1lb steak .5cup apple sauce .5cup oatmeal
    don't eat 3 hours before sleep
    take 2tbs flax seed oil,b-12,zinc,beepollen,gluttine,eca
    over the next 12 weeks slowley cut down on oatmeal an apple sauce

    lift wieght for 1 hour cardio for 45min 5days cardio 7 day
    winny and finjet

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    Outside your bedroom wind
    1.5-2g protein per lb
    rotate your carbs from 1g per lb up to 2g per lb.
    moderate fat...60-70 mostly healthy fats
    cardio 3-4 times a week @ 20-30min a session


    moderate test, eq, winny cycle

    Wk1-12: Test 300-400mg wk
    Wk1-12:EQ 600mg wk
    Wk8-14:Winny 50mg ed
    clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks ECA thru out the whole cycle, u know the dosing regimen..,right?
    l-dex .5mg ed from day 1 until finished if u can afford it.
    have nolva on hand
    clomid starts 3 days out normal clomid dosing

    u should be set with that, eat most if not all ur carbs with breakfast, preworkout, postworkout, and post-post carbs for other meals, just veggies and salads.

    good luck bro, go get em

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    I suggest cardio in the morning along with some clen . And light cardio again after your workouts. I would also workout to maintain muscle (change your workout, lower the weight and reps per body part) because a lower calorie diet wont support muscle growth. Clen helps me eat clean because it lowers my appetite so I naturally avoid fat food. And avoid carbs as much as possible except for pre and post workout. If you take enough clen, the jitters will make you feel like you are going to puke if you eat, so use protein powders and high protein/low carb bars for energy. If you begin to feel dizzy from the clen, you need protein.

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