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    Should I use Nolvadex?

    Here is the cycle I was planning to do:

    D-bol week 1-4 30mg ed
    Test week 1-10 400mg week
    Deca week1-10 300mg week
    Clomid week 13-15

    I have been reading alot about estrogen build up in your body.
    I know D-bol is pretty bad for estrogen. Do I need to take Nolvadex on this cycle? Also does anyone know what is the best Test to take with this cycle.


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    most people only take nolva when they see gyno,sore nips. i am not one of them, i take it from day one when i am using androgens cuz a-dex doesnt do much for me...

    you could take 10mg ed thruout the cyc to reduce estrogenic sides :water,gyno,fat...etc. some say it reduces gains, i say it doesnt.

    if not get proviron and run it at 50mg ed and nolva on hand just in case, or get liquidex and run it .5mg ed

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    I prefer to start my cycle with .5 mg to 1 mg of liquidex ed and I keep Nolvadex on hand just in case I feel symptons.

    Now if I am on Fina or Deca I also throw in some vitex.


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