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    EQ,qv-test, winny, fina..advice please?

    i want some size of this this yet also cut good.

    so here it is.

    eq-600mg weeks1-6 / 400mg weeks 6-12

    QV test 600mg weeks 1-8

    winny 50 ed weeks 8-13 (first time winny)

    fina 75 eod weeks 8-13 (first time fina)

    i figure the test will give me that size & the eq will add some too then the winny & fina will harden and cut me right up.

    i want good muscle deepness and the famous viens.

    the only thing is will the water from the test take that much away.

    that is why i will stop it at week 8.

    all advice is welcome.

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    IMO.....heres how i would run this cycle:

    Weeks 1-6 EQ 600mg
    Weeks 6-12 EQ 400mg
    Weeks 1-8 Test 600mg
    Weeks 7-12 Fina 75mg/ED
    Weeks 10-15 Winny 50mg/ED

    Now here is my reasoning for it: First off Fina shuts down the HPTA pretty hard, so by ending Fina 3 weeks before the end of the cycle this will allow the HPTA to recover a bit quicker than if you stopped it immediately at the end of the cycle. Also by running winny to week 15 you won't have any "down time" when you are ready to start clomid. This will give the EQ enough time to metobolize out of the body and therefore you could start clomid therapy 8-12 hours after your last winny tab or inject. Again this is JMO....but keep the fina to the beginning or middle of the cycle so you can recover quicker and this means a chance to keep more gains .


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    sound advice coming from AZ. i also was considering fina,winny,eq ,test cycle. however it is all preference since i like to save the best for last FINA.i would finish my cycle using 75/ed fina i think the gains would be cleaner and its simply a matter of maintaining your lean gains.although im the kind of guy that eats my steak last on my plate ---peace inertia

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