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    Question Long cycle ending-Clomid,Nolva, Arimi?--Help!

    Hey guys...I need some advise form some of you PROS out there...

    I'm just finishing a long and heavy cycle:

    Deca Weeks1-8
    Test Cyp Weeks 1-7
    D-bol Weeks 1-4
    Winnie Weeks 7-12
    EQ Weeks 8-12
    T-400 Weeks 10-12

    I put on 20 pounds of solid muscle and never felt better!

    But, the cycle is ending and I need to know how to "come down" the best way. This is what I've got(and ALL that I can get!):

    Clomid 20 tabs of 50 mg each or 1000 mg
    Nolvadex 90 tabs of 10 mg each or 900 mg
    Arimidex 60 tabs of 1 mg or 60 mg

    1. How do I best take these to get my natural test production going again so I can keep all my gains?

    2. Anything else I might need to take e.g. creatine, glutamine, etc.?

    3. Any other advise?

    I'd appreciate any feedback or knowledge...Thanks...

    B n E

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    Take 150mg clomid day one. thats 3 pills
    then take 2 pills ed for 5 days thats 10 pills
    then take 1 pill ed for 7 days thats 7

    total is 20.

    take .25 tab of arimidex ed for the whole time ur on clomid, only use nolva if you start to get sensitive nipples.

    maybe try ZMA...glutamine FOR SURE...take as much of that as u can... ie: 50-60g daily

    reduce workouts to 3-4 times a week, very intense, but never more than 45 min- 1 hour

    good job on the gains, and NO cardio till clomid is over. way too catabolic.

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    Thanks alot the way, how much do you squat?

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