Whats up bro's

I've been seriously dieting for about 6 months now. When I started this
venture I felt like a fat slob. I was nevery really fat but I was kinda built like a pear (ha) but anyway. I'm 6'2 and now weight 178 when I started I was a much sloppier 206. At about the third month I hit a brick wall in progress and although i lost 20lbs of mostly fat and put on a little muscle I felt it was time to try something new so I read up on clen and decided i'd give it a try. For any comments sake the brand is Ventolase I dont know if many are familar with this brand but anyway...Did the usual 2 weeks clen then 2 using xenadrine which I had previously been using before starting clen. This past sunday I finish my second two week period of clen use. I have mixed feelings about the results. By no means was it a bad experience but may be this substance is alittle overhyped. While cycling my arms and legs cut up more than ever in my life. I actually have some noticable muscle for the first time in my life. I've found that while on clen I have no motivation to diet or workout (but did ofcouse, not superclen either). My diet has been very clean since the start but I am twenty so beer is must on the weekends. Cardio after workout 4-5 times a week. The question i have is wether to cycle it another two weeks. I know the effects eventually stop expecially without the use of ketofien. Advice? Also if you read of slight anabolic effects...i think they mean verrrrry slim to none which disappointed me alittle but o well. Sooo...whats the point of this post...not sure, maybe just to get some input. I think im delerious from the heat...

sorry for the time wasted but thats my little story.