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    Weight loss pos-cycle

    hy d00ds , i will try to explain this , as i am portuguese and my english is not that good

    so , i been off for a year or so , and now i wanna camme back to life , so one of my primary concerns when taking steroids is that after the usuall cycle of 2 or 3 months .. i maintain my weight for about 1 month average .. past that i loose weight and that look .... so my problem is to maintain the cycle , do something to mantain it ... my cycles usually are about of deca , sustenon/testoviron , dianobol , winstrol ....

    and another thing , i notice that on the 6-8 week my body stops the growth .. is almost as a saturation of the receptors i think , any ideias so i can pass this issues ))


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    You need to tell us what your post cycle regimen is and what you take. Do you use clomid and when? As far as growth people have to understand that your body will not let it go on unchecked. The closer you get towards your genetic potential and the farther away you get from your starting point the more your body will resist the growth. Otherwise I would weigh 500 lbs by now and be ripped. If you were to stay on for longer periods your body would get used to its new set point and allow for growth again only in smaller increments.

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