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    Mr. T's instructions

    For those who have PM'ed and mailed you go:
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    My procedure takes a little longer then some, there is no heat involved, but it is pretty much idiot proof. Read these directions thru several times and be sure you understand everything before you start. If you follow the procedure and timeframe outlined, you will come out with a high quality final product. This kit is formulated for 75mg/ml.


    vial containing 5-10ml's of clear fluid=dissolving solution (vial1)
    vial 3/4 full=sterile oil (vial2)
    Sealed vial=empty sterile vial for final product
    2-18guage needles
    1-sterile syringe filter

    Ok, to start out put your fina pellets in the vial 1. They will start dissolving. Give the bottle a swirl every now and then to aid in the process. Do not start the next step until the pellets are COMPLETELY DISSOLVED.

    Once the pellets are fully dissolved, take vial 2 and pour the oil into vial 1 along with the dissolved pellets. Now swirl this until its well mixed. After Mixing, let this sit until all the binding material settles to the bottom. I like to leave it overnight at least. Let the vial sit undisturbed until you have a fairly clear liquid on tip with a layer of sediment at the bottom.

    Next take a syringe and put one of the 18ga needles on it. Carefully draw up the oil from vial 1, without sucking up the sediment at the bottom. Put the oil that you draw up into vial 2. Continue this until you get as much oil as possible, without sucking up the bottom layer.

    Now take the empty sterile vial and puch a new sterile needle through the top, this will relieve the pressure when the oil is injected into the vial.

    Take the other syringe and fill it with the oil/tren , then carefully screw the syringe filter onto it. Put the other 18ga needle onto the bottom of the filter, and push the oil through the filter into the sterile vial.

    After emptying the syringe, repeat this until all the oil has been filtered into the vial. Push the air through the filter until all the oil is cleared from the filter. remove the needles from the top of the vial - the procedure is now complete.

    This is not a necessary part of the procedure, but I like to put it in because you can get a few more ml's. A few people have had problems with getting the binding material into their solution and clogging the filter when using these steps. So if you decide to do this step, be careful!

    Take a small funnel and insert it into the top of vial 2. Now line the funnel with a coffee filter. Pour the goop from the bottom of vial 1 into the filter. This is slow draining, so you might want to let it sit overnight.

    After this is done draining, sloce up the filter and begin twisting it until the entire residue is in a bubble at the bottom. Keep twisting carefully and wring out all the remaining oil, letting it drip into the funnel. Once all the oil is wrung out, discard the coffee filter.

    You need to peel the aluminum seal off the vials containing the solvent and oil. You can then remove and re-insert the rubber plugs.

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