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    Help w/ my cutting cycle...

    I know I just made another post about my upcoming bulk cycle, but I can't help wanting to plan for next summers cutting cycle. My first cycle was a cutting one w/ just fina and winny and I got awesome results and alittle bit of fuckin gyno at the end, which has subsided w/ bromo. Here's what I was thinking:

    Weeks 1-12: prop @ 50mg/ed
    Weeks 1-9: eq @ 400mg/ week
    Weeks 6-11: fina @ 75mg/ed
    Weeks 6-12: winny @50mg/ed
    Weeks 13-16: clomid therapy
    Weeks 6-16: bromo @ 2.5 mg/ed
    Weeks 1-12: liquidex @ .5mg/ed

    Maybe some T3, still researching though, Ive got almost a year....

    My reasoning for running the winny one more week then then fina is to make sure I have protection against progesterone when the fina leaves my system. Plus I will add bromo to suppress prolactin and aid w/ dopamine levels and fat loss(as per lyle mcdonald). This is because I ran out of winny 2 weeks before ending fina, then got fuckin gyno at the end which is almost totally gone from using bromo.

    Any suggestions or critiques are welcome....Thanks

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    Looks pretty well thought out to me. Might as well run the EQ until week ten but looks very solid. Good luck with it.

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