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    Would You Take This

    I have a friend who came across a couple of bottels of cyp.However the bottles came in two 30ml bottels.They have a perscription on them that is made out to the doctor with arx number and it was sealed it reads on the instructions inject as directed test. cypionate 200mg/cc expires in 12 months compound specially invoiced.And the label on the bottle itself reads Hollister-stier sterile empty vial. Do you think this should be safe to take.My second question is for spot injections with winny.What is smallest size needle I can use for injections.

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    As for the oil as long as it has not expired it will be good

    Site injections with winny can use a smaller needle as it is water based but I,m site injecting with oil and I,m using 26g 16mm with no probs and that is in the biceps/triceps

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    it all depends on what kind of winstrol you have..

    some will only fit through a 22g needle, and some will fit through a 30g needle.

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    don't know about the cyp but you can inject winny with insulin needles

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    your best bet with the winny would be with a 5/8in 22-25 g but i wouldnt go thinner than that winny has tendency to clog up in the pin

    and hell yeah i would do the cyp

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