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    how does this look

    week 1 [three weeks ago] - 200mg t-200
    week 2 [two weeks ago] - 200mg t-200
    week 3 [last week] - 300mg t-200
    week 4 [this week] - 400mg t-200
    week 5 thru 10 - 400mg t-200 and 400mg EQ [spliting shots M and TH]
    week 11 thru 14 - 400mg EQ [spliting shots M and TH]

    will throw in winny 25mg ed for 15 days ending week 12 [two weeks after my last t-200 shot] b/c that is all the winny I have. then, clomid of course.

    is 14 weeks too long ''on'' for a first timer. what results could i expect.

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    it looks kinda spuratic.
    i would keep the test going at 400 all the way up with the eq until wk 14
    if thats all the winny you got i would try to get more but you might get some results with it

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