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Thread: Andriol??

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    I have read that it promotes gains close to test without the side effects, but then i have read that it is not as good as it looks on paper. I was wondering if anyone have used it and would appreciate the info. I have a ready supplier in the U.K. but just making sure i'm not wasting my time.

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    personally havent used it, i have heard few people say it worked well for them, but most people on here will tell u its a waste =\

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    well i can say i have used it.Is it as good as injctable test like enth,cyp,prop,sus if your looking to put on pounds then NO not even close!!But i do have to say i ran it in my last cyle at did it the last 4 weeks 8-12 of my d-bol/test/deca cycle i ran it with mesanolon(methyl dht)and ran the andriol at 7 pills or 280mg/day and i loved it!!!no water retention whatsoever and got me strong as hell it also helped me keep the gains from the test/deca and i've kept more size after my cyle then ever b-4 so it is a great drug with hardly any sides whatsoever (i just wished i ran it for 4 more weeks)2 things 1)if you do it byitself (no stach) you should do it for at least 8-10 weeks at 7 pills a/day no less!!!Also don't expect to gain 15lbs off it you will gain a good solid 10lbs if your training and diet are in check and besst of all unlike alkmost all steroids you will keep 90%of your gains (andriol is one of the best for slow solid growth)People who knock it or say it sucks either a)never tried it b)never took enough(need at least 280mg/day)or c)like steroids that will get you big quickly!!!and at $30 for 60 tabs its not too pricy

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    Use it the last 4-6 weeks to solidify gains! I agree with Jersey Shore 100%; those who knock it probably haven't used it. I experimented with it recently and I found that it truly helped to retain the mass I gained from Dbol /Deca . If you can get past the cost, it's a good test source. I'm a true lightweight @ 160lbs and I needed 240mg/daily to feel it.....

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