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    when should I add anavar to this cycle?

    I'm planning to start the following cycle soon:
    test enanthate 500mg wks 1-10
    eq 600 mg weeks 1-10
    clomid beginning 3 weeks after last shot
    I plan to add some anavar , but I'm not sure exactly how. What I have in mind is 40mg/d weeks 1-10. Is this the best way? Is 10 weeks too long for an anavar cycle? Maybe I should do 50mg/d weeks 3-10? Or 50mg/d weeks 5-12? I used test and eq in my first cycle with good results, and I'm excited about using anavar this time for added strength, hardness, and vascularity, but I really want to do this just right, because as everybody knows, anavar ain't cheap! Also, should I add creatine 20g days 1-5 when I start the anavar and 10g/d after that, or is there a better way to do it. Should I take the creatine and some anavar right after my workout? And one final question. What do you guys recommend for the highest quality creatine? Thanks for your help guys.

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    I am gonna take a guess that most of the mod, vets, and others are gonna say that 10 weeks on any 17aa oral is gonna be too much. I know that anavar is a milder steriod , all oral have a negative effect on the liver and the length should be kept to a minimum. i Cant comment on the anavar and creatine except that i have hear that it i great together. A good brand of creatine? I try to stick with your bigger companies, I.E. Twinlab and such.For the price, i didnt mind GNC's plain creatine monohydrate.

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    Run the anavar at 50 mg/day weeks 6-13. Yes take creatine.

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