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    Prop vs. PhenylProp

    if you had the choice of using human grade prop or phenyl prop, what would it be?

    I've seen people praise phenylprop, but i don't see how it could be near as effective as straight prop.

    It's ester is heaver than the cypionate ester, so you're getting much mess testosterone for the mg as prop. It's only 82% of the test that prop contains for the same amount of mg's.

    i'm just looking at which type of amps i want to get next, and ideas?

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    I prefer the shorter ester. I think the difference is the same as when you are making any choice between esters as to which you would choose.

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    i just got 100 amps of testolent (phenyl prop) i was planning on going one a day, im also running 600mgs deca /week, 8iu's insulin post workouts, and 4 iu's of GH (5on 2off) should i get a different type of test?

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