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    A few questions before I get started.

    I am starting my first cycle this monday, and I have a few questions. I hope someone can help me.

    1. I have heard that omnadren /sustanon takes a day to become active, so can I inject on sunday night; if I plan on working out on monday.

    2. Are Spectro deca , TT deca, and omnadren250 all oil based; can I load them in the same dart.

    3. Whats the max cc's I can inject into the glutes, thigh or shoulder.

    4. Can I do 2 injections into the same area one after the other or would that be too much fluid in the muscle.

    I guess that is it, I hope this isn't too many questions in the same post.
    It just seemed easier this way.

    Thanks boys.

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    I think you are confused about what "active" means. You are not going to shoot sust on sunday and get a pump or strenght gains on Monday if that is what you think. You won't experience much until week 4 or 5. You can load the deca 's and omnadren in the same dart. Most people are ok with 3 cc's in those bigger muscle groups although some may say only 2 CC's in the shoulder. I wouldn't do two injections in the same area one right after the other especially since you have two of everything. Just use the other side.

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    Well said Rick.

    And sweet.........we're men, not boys

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