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    Help! Fina, Tren, Parabolin

    I have a friend who has some parabolin. I have read all the posts on para and it not existing. OK, so how do I tell what this is. I have seen pics of tren and para, but this is much cloudier almost like a morning piss, yellow and cloudy. It is in a 10cc bottle, no label. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
    I was told this is an oil base and only needs to be taken twice a week. Is this true?
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    TRU Parabolan (not "Parabolin") does not seem to be produced anymore. Further, it was never produced in 10ml bottles. The only manufacturer I believe to be is Negma out of France and they came in 1.5ml ampules.

    From what you are describing it sounds like homebrew Trenbolone . Pharmaceutical Grade anabolics will not be cloudy... I think I would be upset if a pharmaceutical company couldn't produce a product that looked clean and sterile to the eye!

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    G right, I have some that is home made not by me. and it is cloudy
    10cc bottle no lable, and it was sealed

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    I would guess it was homemade tren too. I wouldn't buy it if it was expensive which I am sure it probably is if it is being marketed as Parabolan .

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