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    combat gyno help

    I just got off a cycle maybe less than a month ago and took all the post cycle stuff and didnt have enough to keep my nipples from being a little puffy in the end. They are a little puffy, nothing to worry about, I might beable to work the puffiness off but I was wondering if anyone knew anything that would get rid of puffy nipple syndrome. I heard nolvadex at 10-20mg for a month or so. Is there anything natural? My hook-up here is out of town for a while and I don't want to go all the way to mexico again just for 60 nolva. Anything NATURAL that helps? Any type of pills over the counter or easily available from somewhere? I have decided to stop my roid use and am going all natural so anything you guys can suggest will help.

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    you could try chrysin and yohimburn.

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