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    how to make dianbol tablets?

    this is for educational purposes.
    lets say one has dianabol (methandienone) powder how do you make them into 5mg/10mg hard tabs.
    would mixing some in with water and drinking it have the same effect as the tablets.

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    The easiest way is just to get some empty Gel caps and fill them with the powder although you can make it a suspension.

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    very very difficult to measure you might be easier making it into a suspension like weigh out 100g and mix with say 5ml of ba then into 95ml glycerol total 100ml/100mg so the concentration would be 1mg/ml I am guessing this would be ok to disolve into at that ratio it might be better like 5mg/ml but I have never tried you need to find out how much can be disloved into how much ba and something like glycerol


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