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    test/deca question

    I know they are human vs. vet, but how do QV test en 250 compare to testoviron 250, and QV Deca200 vs. orgenon deca ? Would results or sides be any different?

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    Well in a perfect world they should be identical. Most feel more comfortable with human grade simply because they feel the procedures for production are more stringent and possibly the raw materials are of a higher quality (neither is necessarily true depending on the company). Even if you were to feel you got a better result using the human grade the price of vet gear would more than make up the difference. The only real question is do you feel comfortable that the company making your AAS has made a sterile product that is not seriously underdosed.

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    Even vet products should be manufactured to a certian clenliness level ensuring quality, as for the dosing well thats another story

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