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    How does this cycle look??

    Still trying to put my second cycle together i've been thinking about it, and I can run just about anything. I was hording everything since my last cycle till now. just a suggestion,but how does this look?
    Dbol 50mg wk 1-4 (kickstart maybe a-bombs instead)
    Sust 500mg wk 1-12 (thinking of front loading deca \sust)
    Deca 400mg wk 1-12
    Primo 400mg wk 1-15 (to solidify gains from deca\sust)

    this is just a suggestion want to make sure it looks good before I do anything
    thanks in advance

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    Looks OK to me not sure I would bother with F/L

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    Cycle looks good but I would stop the primo at week 13 and I wouldn't bother to frontload unless you are really concerned with hormone level consistancy at the beginning of the cycle.

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