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    Will it make a difference?

    I have been lifting for awhile and I have been doing
    a lot of research on "AS" I have come to the conclusion
    that its time or is it? I have only been lifting hard for
    a couple of months, and all the Bros say to eat like a horse
    and use creatine first(which I have been), then do your cycle. If i haven't reached my full potential and I do a cycle will it be worth it?
    I really want to gain 15-20lbs
    Oh yeah around how much will my first cycle cost?
    I have seen alot of different list and they all have a huge
    price differnces.

    Thanks for the time Bros,
    Roll Dog

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    You need to lift for a couple of years and get a good solid base as an indication I lifted on and off for about 10 years before I touched AS.A few months will not suffice.

    Changing your diet can help you increase weight and you should remember that AAS are only a tool not the core of your BB success.What you put on in a cycle can also be lost even quicker if the training and diet is wrong.

    The cycle will vary in cost and the factors are location,whether it is domestic or international and the brand of steroid used

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