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Thread: Eq and anvar

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    Question Eq and anvar

    o.k. i just finished my 10 wk cycle of deca 400 mg wk, sust 500 mgs wk, i gained a solid 18 pounds. i am 6'2 190 with 6 % bf.. i was going was going to start my clomids 3 weeks after my last shot, but want some advice on doing a eq, anavar cycle i have 12 weeks left at home before i hit the road for 4 months, since this will probably be the last cycle i do for awhile, due to the countries i will be visiting, how whould i run it. when do i take the clomids. how is eq and anavar when preparing for my next tennis tournament. any other info is greatly appreciated

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    You need to take some time off!

    I would take off a good 2-3 months before starting another cycle!

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    yea bro i'm in the same situation that i want to start eq and i just got off test cycle.i've been told to wait as well like iceman says
    eq and var(mix in creatine as well to compliment var) would be a good hardening cycle but eq very simular to deca so i would wait if possible
    if really cant wait do var at approx 40mg per day and eq at 400mg per week broken into 2 shots

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