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    Im making 4 batches of fina.. Opinions needed

    I am going to be making 4 separate batches of fina for 4 different people, 1 being myself, however that would be such a pain in the ass to do it 4 separate times, not to mention more expensive. I was thinkin of gettin 2 4g kits and only doin it twice, however id have 2 bottle of 40ml @100mg/ml instead of 4 bottles w/ 20mls. This will be my first time making fina if it matters. Id like to know what to do in this situation. I was thinkin of orderin separate vials from FINA KIT SOURCE DELETEDand just transferin 20ml over? I want to be as sterile as possible, and be as even as possible as well. any suggestions as how to go about this would be very appreciated. Im orderin the carts and kits tom. so a quick reply would be even better Thanx guys

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    Get an 8gKit and do it all at once. Then just buy 4 Sterile bottles seperately and when using the filter syringe shoot desired amount into each bottle. I use a different kit manufacturer so this may not be possible with FINA KIT SOURCE DELETED. That amount split between four people isn't very much however.
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    if you go with FINA KIT SOURCE DELETED, then that's enough for 42 days at 50mg ed for each person.
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    the kits produce around 100mg/ml
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    personally to make it seperate for other people get some extra sterile vials and filter it into them rather than the huge vial.

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