for all you newbies out there taking roids you there is 2 things that you should always consider when taking roids as far as doses go
first you should consider your weight you should no6t take the same amount of a dose if you weigh 150 or 160 lbs as somebody that weighs 270-300 lbs cuz the bigger dog needs more juice just as he needs more food apperantly
the second thing you should consider is your exp with roids when your cells are not saturated(begginers)then less roids will give you same results as to somebody that is doing more but his cells are more saturated with roids(intermediate,advance)
now a lot of you will say why are you stating the obvious this shit is li the abc in bodybuilding and the reason is cuz i come across a lot of posts where the guys weigh like 150 soaking wet and they wanna do cycles like the ones that mods or the more advanced guys that have tons of exp do.
the last thing is next time when you ask for advice how much roids to do in a cycle please state your stats so you get a more accuratte advice from our pros here