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    t3 and clen combo

    I just purchased t3 and clen and the guy I bought it from said I should take T3 for the first two weeks and then clen, he told me it's better to keep them separate and also more effective because I wont get imune to them.

    But read that if you take them together the effects are by far better and it's best that I take them together,

    Whats the best way to take them and how many doasages so we can be on the safe side, I'm fully aware of the dangers T3 can cause.

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    Well I will be doing T3 in about a month from now.

    From what I've read, you can take T3 and Clen together, some people do that. Your T3 should be run for about 3 weeks or so. Some do it longer though, some shorter. You should never go over 6 weeks because then it becomes useless (i believe).

    Start at a low dose, try first day at only 12.5 mcg, then 25mcg and work your way up to 100mcg DEPENDING on your tolerance to it. If it's your first time using, you might just get up to 50mcg and see it's good enough. Run it up fast, stay steady, and then drop slowly.

    There is a GREAT post by Cyc. on T3.

    Go there and read what it says.

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    I ran my t3 for a loong time around 8 weeks total but it was low dosages never over 50mcg. it was really to see how i woulld react to it and i loved it completely.

    Run the clen in two weeks on and two weeks off. in the off periods use eca,hydroxycut,ripped fuel ect.

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    I would say do 3 weeks on T3 then 3weeks on CLen . I know Clen is mostly effective in the first 2 weeks, but just for the sake of simplicity i will say 3 weeks on (if you wanna be a dick about 2 weeks on clen, 1 week on ECA)

    Why would I run T3 and Clen on seperate alternating cycles, with T3 stating it off? Because I have read the fat loss off of T3 rebounds faster than a motha. So i fiugere a better approach would be to go on T3, then Clen, then T3 then end with Clen. That way, you still have a substance that keeps your metabolism higher than normal, while your Nat T3 levels come back to life. THerefore youd get less of a dramatic fat gain when coming off the cycle

    Sure taking T3 and Clen together will produce more dramatic fat loss, but the loss will be less permanent than if you run T3 and CLen on alternating cycles, ending your cycle on Clen.

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    Clen down regulated the Beta receptor very quickly and essentially stops working, HOWEVER T-3 increases the beta receptor sensitivity so you can acctually take Clen and T-3 for extended period of time without worrying about receptor downregulation...i still would only run it for no longer then 8 weeks, and follow the Cycleon's derection on usde of T-3 on the Educational thread borad...

    All of the Statements made by Mr. Mike_XXL are purely fictional and have absolutely no merit and are not meant to cure, prevent or diagnose any disease, please consult your Physician before starting any exercise and supplement regiment.

    Canadian proud, Northern muscle baby!

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