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    Working out on AS

    While taking AS, can you workout more times a week, or do your muscles still need the same amount of time to rest and recover.

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    You grow when resting so its important to have rest,a day off and plenty of sleep.

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    this dude I used to work out with in ohio, worked out his legs in the a.m. and a upperbody part at night. He switched body parts like that everyday. He took weds. off, and sundays. His routine was strict movements, and stacked on the plates, big time heavy.. This guys a freak, his lats are so big, his arms don't even touch his sides. His quads are so massive, I don't know where he finds room for his nads to hang..good luck in your workouts anyway, everybody does things different in the gym, do what you feel, if you have the energy to burn, there's no better way to use it then hitting the gym, or poking your old lady...have fun.

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    If you don't rest, then your muscles won't grow. Just lift with more intensity and use your normal schedule.

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    You still need rest to grow.

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