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    Mid Cycle Help..??

    well guys this is my third cycle, the first cycle i ever did was Sust 250 alone for 8 weeks, moderate gains but i got very sick (sust flu) ... so i didnt keep much, stopped working out,etc...
    my second cycle was 1-4 weeks dbol @ 40mg , 1-10 sust 250, 1-6 deca 200, got wonderful results, i blew up like crazy, everyone knew i was on something, i think i gained like 30lbs, it was the wickedest feeling in the world, then (having my luck) got in a major car accident and injured my back... couldnt work out for a year and 1/2... now im at 209lbs, 6'2" about 18% bf, just wanting to get back to maybe 220lbs but solid..

    so i decided to do sust again since i have good results with it, this time 10 weeks of it, i am currently on my 4th week of the sust. i wanted to add FINA cuz of all the hype about it, so im still stuck deciding on FINA or WINNY towards the end of my cycle for cutting... any comments or advice most appreicated!! btw: if any of you bros took sust & winny or sust & fina, what were the results like???

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