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    t-3 , is it woth it ???

    i was thinking about using t-3, is it worth the hassle ??? i hear people saying that it can stop your thyroid production, i know how the doseages work about taperin up and down, just want your opinions will i get good results, i need to lose i`d say about 20 pnds, if i cycle clen and t-3, will i be shocked ?? pleased ?? or think whats all the fuss about it ???

    i will be dieting and excerising.

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    T3 is a good aid to a solid cardio and diet program.

    I liked t3 alot for my first time out. i would have seen better results but clen does nothing at all for me so i finally started stacking t3 with eca and it was much better.

    You wont see "oh my god" results IMO but if you are like i am you will notice the difference.

    I didnt notice the "shut down" everyone yelled about. maybe a lag but then again i spent a long time tapering down since i just wanted t3 to aid me. i ran 12.5 a long time.

    what are your current stats,diet and workout?

    we can assist you better once you post this info.

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    Give me a couple of weeks and I'll let you know. I will say one thing about Clen . I hate it. I had massive headaches while on it. I didn't get much leaner, gained some strength though. I think the ECA stack is better to do then clen ... at least for me it is.

    Now onto the T3. I started last Thursday. I would advise not to take any before bed. I did and I couldn't sleep the first couple of days. It could have just been in my head.

    Plus how on earth do you know how much you should take? I've never read about anyone on this board getting blood work done to see if their T3 is low. I believe that if you're T3 isn't low and you take it (taper or not) you burn off muscle.

    I didn't get any blood work done but I read that a way to measure if your T3 was low is take your body temperature (before you begin to diet or take anything) first thing in the morning. 97.8 to 98.2 is supposed to be optimum.

    I wanted to take T3 to speed up my metabolic rate as my temperature was about 96, 95.5 after I started to diet. I've been hitting about 97.5 since I started.

    I also read that having optimal levels of T3 is supposed to aid in protein synthesis. It kind of makes sense to me but I ain't no biochemist and I don't read so good.

    Yes you can and will lower your body’s production of thyroid hormones. From what I understand the body does not produce T3, just T4 and TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). TSH is used to break down T4 to T3. When you diet and exercise you stress out the body and it produces less TSH so there is a slower conversion to T3.

    This again makes sense since as you loose weight there is less meat to cook and most likely less T3 needed. I figure this helps the body maintain muscle when you diet. I'm just guessing big time here.

    Any thyroid specialists out there?

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    I personally think both clen and T3 were a waste of time for me. ECA, Fina, Winny, and Sust really helped me lean up though. I actually gained weight on my full blown T3 cycle, whereas before and after I just shed the fat off. I followed Cyclo's post on the long cycle and spent a long time as Buhda did on the taper just to be safe.

    I didn't have a rebound though which is what I was scared of the most. In the future I'll skip the T3, unless I try 12.5 for increased Protien synth...


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