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    any suggestions??????

    Hey guys ,
    New to the forum wondering if anyone here has any suggestions on how to stack the following:

    3- 10ml vials of broval T400
    3- 10ml vials of ttokkyo deca300
    2- 10ml vials of ttokkyo stanol v (winstrol )
    120- tablets of ttokkyo d-bol(10mg)
    100- tablets of nolvadex
    65- tablets of clomid

    I was thinking of stacking it the following way:
    30mg (3 tabs)-D-bol E.O.D. except Sunday
    1cc of T400: Monday-Wednesday-Friday 1200mg a week@10 weeks
    1cc of Deca : Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday 900mg a week@10 weeks
    1cc of Winstrol: Monday-Thursday 100mg a week@10 weeks

    Diet will be 3750 calories a day:
    Protein: 425g a day
    Carbs: 400g a day
    Fat: 40-45g a day

    Current stats are as follows:
    6'1" 204lbs 10.6% B.F.
    This is going to be my 3rd cycle.
    1st cycle was:
    Denkell Deca
    Organon Sustanon250

    2nd cycle was:
    Ttokkyo D-bol
    Ttokkyo Deca300
    Ttokkyo Test. Cypoinate

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated even if negative.

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    get ready for some pain with that T4 I have a few firends that have done it they say to mix it or you will pay

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    your plan looks like overkill bro,
    i think you will see same results with 600 mg test 3/4cc 2x wk
    450 deca 3/4 cc 2x wk
    and the winny your waisting(everyday is needed)
    wk 1-4 50 mg dbol ed(even sunday)
    wk 1-10 600 mg test
    wk 1-10 deca 450 wk
    wk 10-13 winny 50 mg ed
    sell a vial of the t-400 and get some prop to add with the winny and run it 100 mg ed wk 10-13
    clomid 3 days out,nov on hand if needed

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