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    damn it...I have the jitters!

    I'm on my first cycle to date, taking 200 mg of boldenone eq every 5 days. I took my 1st shot early this afternoon around 1:30-2:00. Must say everything went smooth for the first time despite my hands getting the shakes from being nervous. Like I said everything was fine but 3 hours later my heart is still pounding. I'm not freaking out or anything but I was just wondering if this is normal and if so, do you guyz share similiar experiences? Oh and by the way, I didn't have any caffeine today or anything else along those lines
    Out and about,

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    The same thing would happen to me.

    From my reading, I know that EQ (or any of the injectables) take and extended period of time to build up in the blood.

    But I also had some hot flashes, and was very jittery in the beginning of the cycle . (You may refer to my thread test/EQ in members cycle results).

    It went a way, as the cycle passed.

    Just my experience. I hope it helps.

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    Just relax and go with the flow. Everyone is nervous the first time. It will be sore tomorrow. But when you feel it work, it will be worth it all! You (at least I) will look forward to shot day, even the soreness after a while. Don't worry, just eat, lift, and sleep for the next few months and you will feel better than ever! Good Luck bro!

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    It sounds like anxiety just relax you should be fine.

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    ricksons got it.

    deep breaths, dont even think about it. its over, and when u have another one, place some bad ass hip hop music...get you totally chilled out i suggest "Thug Mentality" by Bone Thugs or perhaps "Big PaPa" by Notorious B.I.G. They are both chill songs that will relax you. I know this posts sounds like a joke, but it ain't. I did it all the time when I first started. It REALLY helps.

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    Yeah, just jitters and I always get a "baby" fever with my first shot of every cycle. I think its just my body reacting to getting a foreign body pushed into the deep muscle tissue.

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    lol..Bro i can relate my first shot ever i was really nervous and after i was done i was so light headed i nearly passed out with a needle sticking straight out of my ass

    Somone walking in and seeing that would think someone got a bull's eye there!

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