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    Starting First Cycle some tweaking advice

    Ok well I have been researching for quite some time now about the different AS and have come to the conclusion finally of what I want to start with that I believe will be what I want to accomplish.

    Well here goes. I want to start a Tes eth. and Winny cycle. I dont want to gain to much weight and i am only looking to gain maybe 10 to 15lbs and get cut up. I dont want anything to complex for my first cycle as I am very cautious getting into this. I havent figured out my dosage yet but I have got some advice from a friend that has been using for quite some time. He suggested to take once a week and winny every 3 days. I know that people take the stuff every day to every other day but I dont really feel comfortable using that often. Plus Im a runner so I need my legs. My stats are as followed
    10-11% bodyfat
    GOAL: Gain 10-15lbs of lean mass and get cut up.

    Of course I would have some liquidex and clomid to go with my cycle. Any suggestions,tweaks or maybe a whole different idea on the road I should go All suggestions are appricated.

    p.s I know winny should only be used for 4-6 weeks but since i am spreading it out and taking small doses could I run it with test for 10 weeks as well
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    take the enethate 2 x wk at 200-250 mg each(ex:sun-thurs)
    winny really has a short half life and needs to be taken everyday,or at least every other day.i wouldnt run it for 10 wks ,i would start it wk 5 and run it till the end of wk 12.and start clomid 2 days out

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    Plates, as usual, is spot on...


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