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    Need to tweak cycle

    Hey all.

    I need help in finalizing my cycle. this is my first cycle after lifting semi-consistently for a little over 2 years. I'm 29 years old. I went from 115 to 155lbs (im 5'8).

    I was recommended to take 200 mgs/deca and 200 mgs/test ethanate for 10 weeks (with nolv on hand and chlomid for post cycle). (possible some winstrol at the end). as the final hour approaches however, i just wanted to get some opinions on some variations. I know that the dosages are small but since im not looking to blow up all at once and just to be cautious i wanted to start mild. My goals are to gain 15lbs of lean muscle and possible shed some of my bulking diet belly.

    Would i be better off taking eq instead of deca? sust instead of test ethanatate? I've read that sust makes you hold less water ( a big plus) but that it can you give the flu (big minus). Eq is said to be less sides than deca and hold less water as well.

    Becuase i have to retain my quickness and agility for martial arts, im concerned that the deca/test will result in too much bloating. Yet, im kind of nervous to take sust, cuz if i get sick , i won't be doing any training.

    what do you all think? will i be a bloated mess from ethanate and deca? Would Sust or EQ only be better for what im trying to achieve?

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    hey bro,
    i would definitely recommend the eq over the deca , mainly because youre wanting to shed the "bulking belly" and eq will help you do that. between the 2 deca is known more for mass, while eq is a great cutting drug.
    also, there are far less sides with eq, as it is extremely mild.

    this is just my opinion, but screw the sust, and stick with the enanthate . for me sust is useless unless you shoot it at least eod, because the fast acting prop ester will be wasted if you dont. enan is a long chain ester, so 2 shots a week will do wonders at 200mg each.

    these are just my thoughts bro, im sure you'll get more...........

    peace bb79

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    I agree with bb79...go with Eq instead of Deca . And Test Enanthate instead of Sust. JMO


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