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Thread: How Much?

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    How Much?

    i just started a cycle of deca , test enanthate and test prop.

    the deca is at 300mg wk.
    the test is at 500mg a week.

    i wana take nolvadex to ensure no gyno.
    how much do i take?

    i have 50mg pills.


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    i usually wait until i feel a little sensitivity in my nipples before i take it. when i do, i take 20-40mg until there gone and 10-20mg there after. I skip a day or two or even a week in between until the symptoms flare up again. taking both test and deca you wont know if its from estrogen or progesterone. if its from progesterone, there isnt anything you can do. find a good surgeon.

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    if you are gyno prone, get a hold of some bromocriptine to combat the deca gyno, its good to have some on hand just in case.

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