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    Exclamation i need advice about my cycle

    im a beginner at steroids but ive been lifting for a long time so bare with me. im 19 yrs old 5'9 160 im taking testanon 250 im currently going on my 3rd shot tommoro i eat six high protien meals high calories i fill the needle up to the one and shoot it twice a week will i make a good gain i have two bottles of the testanon if im doing this wrong please tell me what to do i need help quick

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    do you have clomid and nolvadex ? id imagine if you made it into your cycle youd already know whats up with everything. so 500mg a week of sust for 10 weeks?

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    yeah man, if you dont have clomid do whatever it takes to get some.

    novaldex will help you if you show signs of gyno.

    also, how big are your vials (bottles) or do you have amps. you hopefully have enough for 10 weeks like ANTWAAN said. if not, try to get more.

    keep us updated bro

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