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Thread: Pin Size??

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    Pin Size??

    What would be the best pin size to use for my cycle...

    I am goin to be using 2cc's of Tornel T200 + 1cc of TT EQ..what pin size would be the best for that??

    And at the end of my cycle i will be using 1/2 cc of TT winny ED, wat pin size would be the best for that??

    And since i'm shooting 3cc's should i get a syringe bigger than 3cc's like a 5cc one, because it doesnt really fill all 3cc's???

    And is it safe to order from

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    i use 25 g 1in pins in 3 cc syringes.i draw with 18 g
    go to get 25g on syringes and get some loose 18 g.
    if you are only going to do glute shoots get 1.5 in pins.i shoot all over so 1 in for me,i just drive it home in the cheek!

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    I use 23g, 1inch for all injections with no problem, even the glutes. Just take your time and let the muscle tell you how fast to inject!

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    I switch between 23g and 25g pins (both 1" long). The only problems I have are that some sites are too sensitive to shoot (biceps), others hurt because I can't relax the muscle enough for the inj to be comfortable (pecs), and some wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so difficult to reach the site (glutes/delts). That said, I stick mostly with quads and calves. No pain and easily reachable.

    - Judoman

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