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    inject l-caritine taking challange

    There was some disbute on yohimbeburn and l-caritine inject.So I am going to take the challange of injecting L-caritine. other people have tryed yohim but I have not seen shit on l-caritine so I ordered 200ml of that stuff and site shoot it. I am currently on a cycle and will add it in there my cycle is
    wk 1-6 anavar 30mg
    wk 1-10 test enath 400mg
    wk 6-12 tren ac 80mg ed
    wk 6-12 winny 50mg ed
    clomed 3 days out

    once agian I am thanking 4 PLATES for writing me yet another great cycle {last one put on 15-20 and lost body fat and gave me strech marks that I wear with pride}

    please post any op. you mite have about using this stuff.
    I will run it at start at 4cc eod work up to 7cc eod
    I will not shoot in vein just site inject.
    I am 218 5'10 12%bf 22yrs

    I have got 10cc of finajet that I forgot about, I want to throw it in about wk 9-12 what do you think? 104mg pr ml
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    we got the same exact stats bro,,,same age too ,,,,keep us updated

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